hi there—my name is Mira and I'm an illustration artist, photographer and graphic designer from Berlin with a focus on minimalism and sustainability.

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5 von 5

5 out of 5

PORN—every fourth click on porn websites comes from a woman

I'M TOUCHING MYSELF—4 out of 5 women masturbate

COME ON—2 out of 5 women never had an orgasm while having sex

CHEATER—1 out of 5 women has cheated on her partner before

THE FIRST TIME—half of all girls aged 16 did have sex already

DON'T TOUCH ME—4 out of 5 women have been sexually assaulted

Sexualität, und vor allem die von Frauen, ist oft noch immer ein Tabuthema. Dabei ist sie etwas, das uns alle beschäftigt. Hier stehen 5 für alle. Die Serie „5 von 5” setzt sich fotografisch mit Fakten zum Thema weibliche Sexualität auseinander und visualisiert unausgesprochene Realitäten.

Sexuality, and especially that of women, is often still a taboo subject. Yet it is something that concerns us all. Here 5 means all of us. The photographic series "5 out of 5" deals with facts about female sexuality and thus visualizes unspoken realities.