hi there—my name is Mira and I'm an illustration artist, photographer and graphic designer from Berlin with a focus on minimalism and sustainability.


a collection of short booklets that double as foldable posters about the taboo of periods and their perception in public.

created with Janina Müller (@blaugefuehle and @sojadesign)



minimal and sustainable redesign of “the photographer's playbook”

to be able to produce as sustainably as possible, the design focuses on minimalism and is printed in 20% black. besides typography, the only design element is the abstract form of a camera lens. to save ink, it is visualized by a cutout, which at the same time makes it possible tolook through the cover onto the book like you would look through a lense.

to prevent the cutouts from ending up in the trash, they have “use me as...” instructions and basic photography tips printed on the back.

original cover

disclaimer—this is a private project and did not originate in collaboration with aperture.

web design


minimalistic web design and programming of my own website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

as we spend a lot of our time online browsing through websites and apps my goal is to create minimal and sustainable websites that need less energy and therefore create less CO2.

to achieve that I minimise what your browser needs to load when you open my website. this means I avoid special fonts, unnecessary animations, I clean up all content I don't actually need and provide all images with the exact needed resolution and not higher. plus I'm using a green web host.